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Does 4DX Live Up To Its Theatrical Hype?

By: Brandon Eberhart, 

I’m pretty open-minded when it comes to movies. I can watch a double header of some old Howard Hawks comedies in grainy black-and-white one day, then go see the latest IMAX 3D blockbuster the next. I’m not a purist. Looking back at the way movie theaters have advanced over the years, it’s easy to see how much they’ve improved by making big changes to the format. While some people might have balked when, for example, they changed the aspect ratio from a square to a widescreen rectangle, it was certainly a smart move, giving movie theaters a leg up on television…at least for a while.

Over the years, many other improvements have been made to the theatergoing experience. Things like surround sound, 3D, curved screens, and stadium seating have largely made the moviegoing experience better. So I was excited to hear that a whole new kind of movie experience was coming to the U.S., in the form of 4DX. If you haven’t already, go check out my article  on 4DX that we published a few weeks back. You can also check out the 4DX website for more info. The short version is that 4DX is an immersive experience featuring all sorts of environmental effects that are meant to draw you into the film.

 The Event

Recently I was able to attend the first U.S. 4DX showing at Regal L.A. Live Cinemas here in Los Angeles. The film to be screened was Captain America: The Winter Soldier in RealD. I’ll confess, it wasn’t a film I was dying to see – I was much more interested in the 4DX technology than the umpteenth movie in the Marvel cinematic universe. Although it did seem like the kind of film that would be a good showcase for 4DX (I’m sure they wouldn’t have chosen it if it wasn’t), so I was looking forward to it.



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